Coca Cola happiness around the world

As some of you may recall a few months ago I posted about the Coca Cola Happiness Vending Machine; this time Coca-Cola converted the machine into a delivery truck and it is delivering doses of happiness in the streets of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Where will happiness strike next? Coca Cola are also doing a very fine job on Facebook and if you check out the page you will find more videos and stories of the Happiness Truck tour around the world.

Great emotional response by the people; when people feel drawn to something, loyalty will surely follow. Hats off to Coca Cola once again, they know very well that a successful product appeals to the heart...not the mind.


  1. haha, yeah, rotten teeth, diet and sugar overdose courtesy of a heartless multinational corp. YAY!

  2. Consumer culture: welcome to the bourgeois Brazil; where happiness is a consumable product.

  3. Open up happiness,
    Yeah it might not be the best product for ya, but they sure know a way as a company to spread the joy.
    Coke is still great to have every now and then.

  4. I love coke especially those that are in the glass bottle.

  5. There you go, 2 for and 2 against Coke....:)I'd give them credits for bringing a smile to people, at least this time.


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