Top 15 most popular blogs in Oman

The number of blogs in Oman is rapidly increasing as more and more people are joining the blogosphere. On local blogs you will find a bit of everything, check them all out as one way or another all are really interesting and entertaining.

As of today on my blog roll I count 56 English blogs, many of them have not been updated for several months, while some others have just started (if you want to see them all click on “Show All” at the bottom of the blog roll).

I’ve done this Top 15 based on two factors; the number of followers shown on the blogs as well as their popularity, which is probably what counts the most:
1.      Muscat Confidential
2.      Muscat Mutterings
3.      Andy in Oman
4.      Dhofari Gucci
6.      Muscat Jet Driver
7.      Omani Cuisine
11.   Digital Oman
12.   Angry in Oman
15.   Blue Chi
Maybe I’ve missed some, if so let me do.

If you’re into photos I’d like you to check two really nice blogs; Oman in monochrome and Jamal Balushi, while if you're looking for any sort of health related tips and advice then take a look at Muscat Psychologist.

Lastly, the latest bloggers who very recently joined the Omani blogosphere are Sara Fida and Tan Net 101.


I totally forgot to include Stand-Alone, a very popular blog which would easily make it to the top 10. Thanks for letting me know!


  1. Thank you for the comment about my blog - it is my small attempt at introducing the photography delights of Oman.

  2. Hi David, it's a great blog you have there, i found out about many gorgeous places thanks to you. Now i just need to go and see them myself! Good work.

  3. Maurizio,
    Sweet informative post! Thanks for the mention! I've been meaning to email you and felt guilty about not replying to your email when reading "the importance of social media". Check your inbox now and you'll find my message there. Your blog is obviously right near the top and one that I check regularly. I love the "Blogging Idol" icon and wonder if you made that yourself. If I link to this post, is it okay if I use that image? Keep up the great work and thanks again!

  4. Hi Andy, thanks, and i got your mail...:). I did not make the Blogging Idol pic, just found it on the internet but there's no copyrights so i guess you're free too use it too. Have a good one!

  5. Great post, as usual! Thanks for featuring all these blogs- many of them I have never come across before! Fantastic to see the newcomers too!

  6. Oman's bloggers have given more targeted information than traditional media ever could have, connecting Omani, expat and visiting readers around their interests. Looking forward to the trend continuing... also in video/vlogs, audio podcasts and photostreams.

  7. great list you got here mate, i think its time for me to work out on getting more traffic from Oman

  8. hmmm... how come i am not listed in this list???

  9. Thanks Olga and Kitten..:)
    Standy, you actually came on 16th place. No, just kidding, i totally missed your blog. Will update the post. Thanks for letting me know...;)

  10. loool... that was a funny comment lool..

    and thank you ;)

  11. nice to see a few blogs from Oman :-)

  12. Hey Omani Jewel, i did not know your blog! Sorry, nicely done! I'll add it to the blog roll...:)

  13. Great to see this list! I've discovered blogs I didn't know about - thank you!

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  15. interesting post... discovered other blogs in Oman.

  16. You should check out my Oman blog sometime! I'm really hoping it gets a little popularity!

  17. Hey Ash and Eliza, welcome :)
    Will visit your blog from now on and I've added it to my blogroll.

  18. I dont know how i missed this post but please include my blog i've been blogging since 2008!!! :]

  19. I just noticed this post, my blog is number 14.. (Or at least it used to be as I stopped blogging for two years)
    Hopfully I will be somewhere soon as I am back into blogging but with a new blog

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  23. How about to post a new 2014 edition ''The most popular blogs in Oman''?

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