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Back from a short holiday and I’m now fortunate to be in the position to say that we have several positions available at MPiRe, the Muscat-based boutique PR firm, both for traditional PR and social media.

  1. Experienced PR executives in possession of the right mix of skills, ranging from good technical and analytical skills to soft and interpersonal skills. You must be a 'jack of all trades'.
  2. Fluency in Arabic and English.
  3. Someone with an insistence on honesty, transparency and integrity.
          WHAT WE WANT
  1. Someone with community management experience.
  2. Great communicators comfortable with teaching social media to others.
  3. Someone with a social media profile in one or several of the popular social networks.
  4. Salespeople who can help us grow our social media clientele.
  1. A well-paid job with a cool ‘conversation’ agency.
  2. Working with national clients.
  3. Staff blogging privileges on Oman Collective Intelligence.
  4. Sole responsibility for accounts to build your resume and reputation.
  5. An overall rewarding experience.
  6. An awesome boss...:)
  1. I don't want CVs. Connect with me through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or the blog. I’m easy to find.
  2. Tell me why you are the person we’ve described.
  3. Send me a mail with a short list of what you’ve done and where I can find evidence of it. Or have a full profile on Linkedin. It’s easier that way.
  4. Understand this will be a competitive search and while several positions are available I will only choose the very best! Be outstanding.
You don't have any experience but you are ambitious, creative and hard-working? I suggest you give it a try...;)

Ready? Connect with me now


  1. I wanted to instinctively click "Like" :)
    Good luck headhunting. It will not be an easy search (and too bad I am not fluent in Arabic :) )

  2. Cool JOB!! I will spread the word :D

  3. Hi Sir,
    My Name is Brian Carvalho, I'm a Mass Media Graduate with a specialization in Advertising from the Mumbai University, India. I'm presently living in Salalah, with my parents. I have been born and brought up here.

    I'm Interested in working with Social Media and I have worked on various college level projects implementing the same.

    You can find me on linked-in, facebook, twitter and I also have a blog on blogspot.!/blah_brian

    I have been following your blog over the past 3 months and it would be an honor to work with someone with so much insight into the world of social media and public relations in general

  4. Great job advert and looking forward to reading all the improved corporate social media posts in Oman

  5. join

  6. Hey Olga, thanks for the like...;). I thought you already have a very nice job though, don't you?
    Thanks Mathew, spread the love please...:)
    bkcgenie; very nice, that's a really good introduction, will get in touch with you.
    Thanks for dropping by again ynot!:)
    And thanks to the others too who have been in touch by mail.


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