Dumbest PR stunt

"On behalf of Advantage SA, I would like to personally apologise for any offence caused by the arrival of the fish," commented the CEO of the Australian PR agency.
But what happened? 55 goldfish were sent out to guests and media reps to go to Adelaide and “test the water and be the big fish in a small pond”...unfortunately some of the fish died during the journey.

Being into PR I love originality and creativity but sometimes good ideas are not implementable and these guys at Advantage SA should have seen this coming. 
Needless to say, the publicity stunt flopped and now the agency is facing some tough time as many papers and blogs, first in Australia and then all over the world, have reported and misreported the news.
Poor fish…


  1. This is what happens when stupid is confused with smart! What on earth were they thinking!!

  2. Didn't this happen in a movie? Someone getting sent dead fish and thinking it was a death threat?!

    Anyway, amusing how dumb people can be. There's original, and there's inability to see the oncoming train!

  3. Some years ago, right here in Muscat, Microsoft sent our IT department a fishbowl, a solitary Siamese fighter and a huge bag of fish food. The card read something like "you'll save so much time using XYZ_PRODUCT that you can now enjoy watching and feeding this fish" -DJ


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