H&M faces a Facebook backlash

Retailer H&M is facing criticism on Facebook after the company was accused of stealing an American artist's design.
Artist Tori LaConsay back in 2008 painted a billboard in Atlanta with the message “You Look Nice Today” to make residents in her town feel good about themselves.
A few days ago she realised that H&M were selling towels, pillows and doormats with a similar design.
H&M's reply was that “We employ an independent team of over 100 designers. We can assure you that this design has not been influenced by your work and that no copyright has been infringed.”
Of course this ended up on H&M’s Facebook page where people started to voice their opinions, most of them attacking H&M. H&M, as often happens, started deleting comments, angering fans further.
This should make companies reflect that such things could only be done (well, not really) in the pre social media era when they could get away with it, nowadays people are merciless and companies get punished publicly for any mistake made, small or big.
H&M, you don’t look so nice today.


  1. isnt that appalling, even ripped off the lettering. What would their lawyers do if a dress design was ripped off soooo blatantly

  2. It's amusing that companies are still stupid enough to delete negative comments. How many comments can H&M delete with 9.3 million fans and over 200,000 active users?

  3. Great story! As they say here in Spain: "A cada uno lo suyo" If you had to delete comments!
    Thank you! By following my blog, recently released.
    From now on, I make myself a follower of this blog interesting and comprehensive.
    A greeting.

  4. They're doing what comes naturally in fashion - as soon as something appears on the catwalk, it 'inspires' a High Street version. They're probably slightly surprised at being held to higher standards...


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