The unconventional burger

The Wimpy fast food chain in South Africa came up with a great idea to target the visually impaired. The campaign, aimed at “letting people know that Wimpy is a place where everyone can feel at home”, used Braille, the international language of the blind, to deliver such message.
15 “Braille Burgers” were prepared by a chef who meticulously arranged sesame seeds on balls of dough with the end result being a message baked right on the burger bun, customised for the diner who can read Braille.
Wimpy then delivered the burgers to three organizations that help blind people.
Cleverly thought and unconventionally implemented the campaign brought great results, see for yourself.


  1. very cute - hope they automated the sesame seed placing and followed it up with more than 15 burgers

  2. I have to admit I am very impressed with the quality of your blog. It is certainly a pleasure to read as I do enjoy your posts.

  3. @ynotoman; that'd be nice, hopefully they'll follow it up with something that can keep that niche happy.
    @Pharmacy; thanks again for passing by and for your comment, keep them coming ;)


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