Facebook’s Midnight Delivery

Want to wish your Facebook friends a happy new year without having to get on your phone or computer? Facebook just launched an automated service that will let you write your New Year's greetings now, and they'll be sent automatically when 2013 arrives in your friends' time zones.
Midnight Delivery suggests friends you might want to send New Year's greetings to; could be friends you often interact with or others you haven’t spoken in years, if at all. Simply go to the Facebook Stories page and select the people you want to send the message to. Only 10 people at one time can be chosen and you also have the option of sending photos along with your message.

I can see the advantages (you can set it up in advance or your friends will receive it at midnight no matter in what part of the world they live) but I find it as lazy and impersonal as sending a mass SMS.


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