The ultimate guide to restaurants on Facebook in Oman

Here is a list, a long one, of restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets and even people who enjoy cooking from home. Whatever type of food you fancy, whether pizza, curry, ice-cream or a cupcake, you’ll find it below. Some pages are really well managed and very engaging, while others not so much. I've taken into consideration those pages, in English, which have been updated in the past six months. As usual, if I missed, very likely, any let me know.
Not surprisingly most big international brands top the list but it is good to see how local companies and entrepreneurs managed to build a name, reputation and a brand online. The combined number of fans is 108,944; that’s 25% of the entire Facebook population in Oman. It shows how much we like food here J.
Lastly, if you want to know more details (reviews, prices, service, etc.) about some places mentioned below I strongly suggest paying a visit to the super blog Omani Cuisine.

I was told i missed a page, it is called Lubna's Cake (276 fans) and Caramel Oman French Bakery and Pastry Muscat (1470 fans); on both pages you'll find lots of yummy things!


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