Real or fake hacks....Twitter isn't laughing

Last Monday the Burger King Twitter account was hacked (and a few hours later Jeep was hacked too). Not too much of a surprise really as these days is quite easy to manipulate online data.
Obviously someone managed to hack the account and started to tweet promoting BK’s rival McDonald’s and insulting followers. Even the main image of the account was changed showing Mc Donald’s Fish McBites.

The hacker also had fun by posting other stuff such as the tweets and images below.
This lasted for about an hour after which the account was suspended. A few hours later the account was back to normal but it definitely costed a lot to BK in terms of reputation as many followers probably had not realised what was happening. However this hack created a big buzz and the number of followers increased from 83k 110k within an hour, not to mention that the story was covered by all sort of media.
Of course McDonald’s had nothing to do with it and tweeted the following:

So someone at MTV had the brilliant idea to pull a hack stunt to raise awareness of a BET (MTV’s sister network) live event in Los Angeles and, of course, gain more followers. MTV and BET pretended the same kind of hacking was happening to their accounts by switching profile photos and logos. MTV became BET, and vice versa.

There were some marked differences between the hacks of Burger King and Jeep when compared with MTV. MTV soon admitted it was just a marking stunt but many fans really did not like that.

What’s Twitter saying about all this? It has been silent on the episodes, aside from some well-timed password advice. If you recall a quarter million account passwords were compromised earlier this month so I’d assume Twitter isn't too happy about it. Twitter, unlike Google and Amazon for instance, still doesn't support two-factor authentication, the app-and-password-based security, and it can be an easy target.
Real or fake, these hacks are a public reminder...if a brand wants to protect itself against the next hacking, what should it do?


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