Blogs in Oman (2013)

Nearly two years ago I blogged about the “Top 15 most popular blogs in Oman” so I thought it’d be good to do an update on the local blogosphere, English only, and all those people who entertain us through their blogs.
There are plenty of new blogs in Oman, not only in Muscat but from other cities too, while some of the ‘old bloggers’ have stopped or don't post as regularly as they used to. You’ll find all kind of stuff; from local events to photography, from fashion to tourism, etc. There’s blogs for any and every taste. One interesting stat; there are more female than male bloggers.
I’m not going to call it “The best blogs in Oman” or “The top blogs in Oman” as I believe all blogs, one way or another, are great. We all blog for different reasons and we all put efforts and time in sharing our feelings, experiences, views, findings, etc. and we have different audiences.
So the list below was made, to be fair, according to Alexa. The rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors and page views over the past 3 months. Let me know if I've forgotten someone :)
Hold tight to your sits, there will be we go!
CORRECTION: I forgot to include Maya's blog, 'Sew, Chic and Unique' which would actually be in the top 5. Thanks Maya ;)

If you want to see the full list of blogs please click under the blogroll where it says ‘Show All’.


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