ooredoo, branding failure or social media success?

You probably heard it by now, as also blogged by Rummy, Nawras is going to be re-branded as ooredoo as part of Qtel Group new global strategy.
Let me start by saying that I’m not a branding guru and I’m not going to judge whether this is a good move since I don’t know the reasons behind it however this has generated some interesting feedback by Nawras’ customers, especially on Twitter, as well as comments from all over the region (there are tons in Arabic too).
Some people think is an old PR trick...

Someone else pointed out that maybe there should have been an opportunity for internal stakeholders to express their concerns about a re-branding strategy.

But generally people, whether locals or expats, don't seem to get it.

Some others have just joked about it...

Most people, across all continents, criticized the authenticity of the logo as it recalls several others in particular Beats by Dr. Dre as also mentioned by the Financial Times too on its blog.

Even nawras’ former Brand Manager, sent out some strong tweets:

Also on Facebook, on Merge 104.8 page, the feedback wasn't particularly great.

It does not look encouraging however social media has given lots of useful insights to Nawras about customers’ feelings. So far Nawras, rightly so, sat back and avoided entering potentially dangerous conversations. All it did was to answer to several people with a general reply.

Tough situation to be in; lots of world-wide negative sentiment which could have been avoided. Was ooredoo really poorly created or maybe it's a strategy to initiate online conversations and create a buzz? Or both?


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